Edward Walter NESBITT

NESBITT, Edward Walter

Personal Data

Oxford North (Ontario)
Birth Date
November 23, 1859
Deceased Date
August 28, 1942
insurance agent, real estate agent

Parliamentary Career

October 26, 1908 - July 29, 1911
  Oxford North (Ontario)
September 21, 1911 - October 6, 1917
  Oxford North (Ontario)
December 17, 1917 - October 4, 1921
  Oxford North (Ontario)

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January 27, 1909


If that is the case, would not the minister be a green fellow and a very innocent fellow who would vary a tender? A man in any part of the country, in my constituency or any other, who tendered for any contract would certainly find out the amounts of the other tenders and if he could not find it out himself, would he not ask some member of this House to find out for him. Now you might say that after the tender is let there is no recourse. But at the same time, is it not asking too much of our credulity to believe that any minister would be so innocent as to confirm a tender that was not the lowest unless he had some very good reason to believe that it was in the public interest to confirm it, especially in view of the fact that he might have to tell this House at any moment what the tender was, and all the particulars concerning it? Looking at all the circumstances surrounding this motion', it seems to me that it has been moved for the sole purpose of casting a reflection on the minister of this government, and for that reason I shall vote for the amendment.

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