William Walker KENNEDY

KENNEDY, William Walker, Q.C., LL.B.

Personal Data

Conservative (1867-1942)
Winnipeg South Centre (Manitoba)
Birth Date
January 1, 1882
Deceased Date
February 10, 1963
barrister, journalist

Parliamentary Career

October 29, 1925 - July 2, 1926
  Winnipeg South Centre (Manitoba)
July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  Winnipeg South Centre (Manitoba)

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June 10, 1935

Mr. W. W. KENNEDY (Winnipeg South Centre):

Mr. Speaker, in discussing Bill No. 86, the purpose of which is to set up a dominion trade and industry commission, 1 hope not to detain the house at length but to confine my remarks to one phase of the principle of the bill, reserving until it has reached the committee stage a discussion of the details.

I should like first, however, to make a few observations of a somewhat personal nature. When speaking last night I made certain references to the official attitude of the opposition towards the implementation of the price spreads commission recommendations, and the hon. member for Hants-Kings (Mr. Ilsley) took exception in these words:

But I do not think the hon. member should have imputed the motives he did to those who express sincere objections to some of the recommendations of the price spreads commission.

I should like to state frankly that when I made my reference to the official attitude of the opposition I was referring to the attitude as reflected by the official financial critical critic of that body, namely the hon. member for Shelburne-Yarmouth (Mr. Ralston). So far as the hon. member for Hants-Kings is concerned-and I might speak more freely if he were not in his seat-I would say that I had not that hon. member in mind. I have known him in this house for some years and during that time have formed the highest admiration of his fairness in dealing with all matters, and of his sincerity as well. In addition I had the pleasure of sitting with him as one of a special committee dealing with price spreads and mass buying, and later for a period of six months as a fellow member of the royal commission. I can say that throughout that time his attitude was the very fairest and most helpful. Time and again when futile arguments arose he displayed the rare ability of putting into precise language amendments disposing of the difficulties. I may add that the relations between all members of the committee and the royal commission throughout the whole time were of the most friendly nature and all cooperated in the greatest possible measure. In fact, whatever merit has been accorded the


Trade Commission-Mr. Kennedy (Winnipeg)

report which as chairman I had the privilege of signing, is fully and freely shared by me with all the members of the commission.

I believe it would' be in order for m to say a word or two concerning the other persons who assisted in the preparation of the report. I refer particularly to the secretariat and the economic advisers. Mr. L. B. Pearson of the Department of External affairs acted as secretary, and Messrs. J. M. Boyer and R. A. Cameron as assistant secretaries. If I may ibe permitted to single out Mr. Pearson I would say that he was no ordinary secretary. I believe all members of the commission will join with me in paying the highest possible tribute to the assistance given to the commission and all members of it by Mr. Pearson. We were further assisted by economic advisers in the persons of Doctor W. J. Couper, Professor A. C. Curtis of Queens University, Doctor A. Rive of the Department of External Affairs, Mr. C. S. A. Ritchie of the same department, and other gentlemen whose names do not occur to me at. the moment but who rendered notable service. Apart from them I was tremendously impressed by the calibre of the civil servants who assisted us, those who occupying positions of trust in various departments were consulted from time to time to assist us in matters being studied by the commission. One and* all rendered most valuable service. I could not conclude these observations without acknowledging the great courtesies extended to the committee and the commission by Doctor Beauchesne, Clerk of the House of Commons, and Major Gregg, Sergeant-at-Arms, in making comfortable quarters available for our use.

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April 15, 1935

Mr. W. W. KENNEDY (Winnipeg South Centre):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to direct the attention of the Minister of Railways (Mr. Manion) to an article which appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press of Saturday, April 13. This article makes a brief reference to the interruption by the minister of the speech of the financial critic of the opposition (Mr. Ralston) on the budget, and states:

But it is not hard to guess what Colonel Ralston intended to say. He was about to make a statement that after Judge Fullerton made a statement in Halifax last summer defending the Canadian National from the attacks of Mr. Beatty and the other advocates of "unification" (a blessed word this, so different from "amalgamation"!) he was told by the government not to offend Mr. Beatty and the government in this respect again.

It will be remembered that at the time various ministerial newspapers were scandalized at Judge Fullerton's temerity in talking back. They were, it now appears, reflecting the views of Mr. Bennett and Dr. Manion.

I should like to know if that statement is founded either on fantasy or fact.

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April 11, 1935

Mr. W. W. KENNEDY (Winnipeg South Centre):

On a matter of privilege, as chairman of the royal commission on price spreads, I wish to refer to a statement made by the leader of the opposition (Mr. Mackenzie King) in this house on Tuesday, relating to the matter of reports as to the deliberations and findings of the commission getting into the public press. Without reading it in full, I wish to refer to this part of the right hon. gentleman's remarks. Speaking on the 9th instant, the leader of the opposition stated:

I should like to suggest also when the government are considering the legislation that is to be based upon the recommendations of this commission, with respect to unfair practices and unethical proceedings, it might consider whether it is not possible to enact some legis-

Price Spreads Commission

lation which will prevent unfair practices and unethical proceedings on the part of the chairman of committees of this House of Commons when dealing with price spreads and mass buying, and on the part of some member or members of royal commissions when they are dealing with the same subjects.

In the first instance, I wish to point out that I was not chairman of the special committee of this house dealing with the matter of price spreads and mass buying. I was appointed chairman of the royal commission on price spreads on October 29 last, and throughout the deliberations of that commission I continued to act as chairman. The commissioners met on Tuesday morning last and signed their report at eleven o'clock. At four o'clock on Tuesday afternoon the report of the commissioners was handed by me to the Hon. Mr. Hanson, Minister of Trade and Commerce. Up to that time no authority was given by the commission as such, or in any way as a commission, for the release of any portion of that report or anything in respect to its deliberations. Since the question is raised in the house, naturally it reflects upon all members of the commission. It reflects upon the staff of the commission. I think that at this time it would be unfair for me to enter upon any denial or any statement, so far as I am personally concerned, inasmuch as such a statement would just bring it down to ten more members of the commission who would have to make statements. But I am in entire accord with the point of view expressed by the leader of the opposition and as expressed by the Minister of Trade and Commerce as to the impropriety-

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February 4, 1935

Mr. KENNEDY (Winnipeg South Centre):

I was paired with the hon. member for North Battleford (Mr. McIntosh). Had I voted I would have voted against the motion.

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June 30, 1934

Mr. W. V. KENNEDY (Winnipeg South Centre):

Mr. Speaker, on June 14 I moved:

That as the preamble of Bill No. 10, respecting a certain patent owned by the Firth-Brearley Stainless Steel Syndicate Limited, has been declared not proven as recorded on pages 153 and 160 of the minutes of the proceedings of the Senate of April 25 and 26, 1934, the fees and charges paid on the said bill be refunded less the cost of printing and translation.

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