William Earl ROWE

ROWE, The Hon. William Earl, P.C.

Parliamentary Career

October 29, 1925 - July 2, 1926
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
September 14, 1926 - May 30, 1930
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
October 14, 1935 - January 25, 1940
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
  • Minister Without Portfolio (August 30, 1935 - October 22, 1935)
November 8, 1937 - January 25, 1940
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
March 26, 1940 - April 16, 1945
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
June 11, 1945 - April 30, 1949
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
June 27, 1949 - June 13, 1953
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
August 10, 1953 - April 12, 1957
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
  • Leader of the Official Opposition (November 1, 1954 - February 1, 1955)
  • Leader of the Official Opposition (August 1, 1956 - December 13, 1956)
June 10, 1957 - February 1, 1958
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
March 31, 1958 - April 19, 1962
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)
June 18, 1962 - February 6, 1963
  Dufferin--Simcoe (Ontario)

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April 21, 1926


In view of the fact that Saskatchewan is keenly interested in the dairy business, does the hon. gentleman think that a little retaliation in the fixing of duties on

The Budget-Mr. Spence (Maple Creek)

dairy products coming from the south would be beneficial to dairymen in the west?

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April 16, 1926

Mr. W. E. ROWE (Dufferin-Simcoe):


beg to call the government's attention to an article which appears in this week's Financial Post and to ask a question with reference

thereto. The article to which I refer appears under the following headlines:

Offer Land on Hudson's Bay at Dollar an Acre to Cleveland Citizens.

Exploration Syndicate "Sponsored by Canadian Government" Seeks Memberships on Promise of Land Grant from Dominion-Radio Base and Aeroplane Station.

Will Raise no U.S. Flag on Discoveries.

I do not intend to inflict the whole article on the House but I should like to read some extracts from it. I quote:

"An organization of red-blooded Americans, cooperating with the Imperial Canadian government to encourage exploratory operations into Hudson's Bay and the Arctic Circle." This is the way "the Hudson's Bay Exploration Syndicate, Limited" of Cleveland, Ohio, describes itself.

The syndicate literature indicates that it is soliciting memberships at $2 apiece, and every member is promised an acre of land in the islands or territories contiguous to Hudson's Bay, "when, as if the intended land grants are made by the Canadian government to the syndicate."

The Hudson's Bay Exploratory Syndicate describes itsedf as an organization sponsored by the Canadian government and further sponsors for its operations, as listed, include organizations of much power and influence. They are:

"The Royal Geographic Society.

"The Ancient and Honourable Hudson's Bay Company.

"The Canadian Campfire Club of Cleveland.

"The Arctic Club of Cleveland.

"The MacMillan Polar Club.

"The National Geographic Society.

"The National Aeronautic Association.

"The Canadian-American Exploration Society, and many others."

Objects of the Syndicate

The objects of the syndicate are, by their literature, stated to be:

"To promote closer relations between two great Anglo-Saxon neighbours;

"To encourage the discovery of new territory in the Arctic Basin;

"To further co-operation between the United States and Canada in opening up to sportsmen the vast unexplored territory contiguous to Hudson's Bay;

"To establish headquarters an the Belcher Islands in Hudson's Bay for aerial operations into the unknown wilderness of the north;

"To secure accurate information relative to the Eskimos and Indian tribes;

"To found a permanent radio base in Hudson's Bay;

"To open a summer seaplane route from Cleveland direct to Hudson's Bay;

"To develop the spirit of exploration among its members and awaken a new interest in the possibilities of discovery and adventure throughout the largest remaining unexplored territory in the world, comprising upward of two million square miles."

"By special arrangement between the Canadian government and the Hudson's Bay Exploration Syndicate, Limited, a completely equipped radio station will be established by the syndicate on one of the Belcher Islands in Hudson's Bay," it is stated. "Already plans are under way to acquire

title to the largest fresh water lake, christen the same 'Lake Cleveland' and erect a radio station and se#*-


plane base thereon. The lake is 64 miles long, from one to five miles in width and shaped like a hairpin. It is known to abound in fresh seaJl, fish, fowl and game of many kinds.

"With permanent radio and sea-plane headquarters in Hudson's Bay, constant communication with civilization is certain. It will be the most popular hot weather station in America.

"Plans are now under way to secure for the syndicate valuable concessions in the Belcher Island group. It is a sportsman's paradise, comprising about five thousand square miles of wilderness almost wholly unexplored.''

Further with regard to the airplane rate, the promise is made that "By the summer of 1927 the new sea-plane route from Cleveland to Hudson's Bay will be open. Any member of the Hudson's Bay Exploration Syndicate, Limited, can hop aboard at the Cleveland station in the morning, fly across Lake Erie, stop at North Bay on Lake Nipissing for luncheon and arrive at the Syndicate Camp on the Belcher Islands in Hudson's Bay in time for supper."

"The flying distance is a trifle over a thousand miles and the average speed should be 120 miles an hour, making it a delightful and fascinating daylight journey.

"From the syndicate sea-plane base on Hudson's Bay numerous air trips can be made into forests, lake and river regions never seen by white man. The possibilities for the adventurer, the explorer and the sportsman ore beyond comprehension."

Will Raise no Flag

It is assured that:

"By arrangement between the syndicate and the Imperial Canadian government no jurisdictional claims will be made to territory discovered through the efforts of the syndicate or its members, and no attempt will be made to raise the American flag and lay claim to the land for the United States. The syndicate realizes that diplomatic relations with the official Canadian government are at all times essential to its success and therefore yields to Canada the right of possession and ownership to all new (territories resulting from its exploratory operations."

Canada is going to make extensive grants to the syndicate, they state, and it is mentioned tliat for the concession of agreeing not to plant any American flags on any territory "discovered" that:

"In return for this concession the Imperial Canadian government will undertake to grant to the syndicate several large tracts of lands, and groups of islands in the Hudson's Bay region with permission to allot portions of the same to the syndicate members, under and by virtue of a special act of parliament."

Are any such negotiations or proposed arrangements as intimated in this article under way? If not, have any steps been taken to restrain the improper use of the Canadian government's name for advertising purposes?

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