BRASSET, Maurice, Q.C., B.A.

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Gaspé (Quebec)
Birth Date
April 12, 1884
Deceased Date
April 5, 1971

Parliamentary Career

July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  Gaspé (Quebec)
October 14, 1935 - January 25, 1940
  Gaspé (Quebec)

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March 19, 1931

Mr. BRASSET (Translation):

Yes, unfortunately they are climbing and rapidly.

Under the Conservatives, expenditures exceed the revenues; under the Liberals we had surpluses.

Under the Conservatives, the national debt is increasing; under the Liberals, it was decreasing.

Under the Conservatives, the revenues of the country are decreasing; under the Liberals, they were on the increase.

These are the Conservative balance-sheets and the balance-sheets of the Liberal administration. The Conservatives proclaim everywhere that the Prime Minister has redeemed his pledges. The people of Canada

would be easily pleased if they were satisfied with the deeds of this government.

Mr. Speaker, the unemployment question has been broached, it is very much in evidence, and what I would have to say -would not alter the situation. However, in listening to the speakers who preceded me these last days, I thought that the government's endeavours to relieve unemployment did not produce the result which the Conservative themselves expected. The then leader of the opposition, the Prime Minister of to-day, had solemnly pledged his word-that everybody heard, members on the right as well as those on the left-not to try to merely relieve unemployment, but to completely eradicate it. What result has the Prime Minister had since his advent to power. Is there less unemployment? Has unemployment ceased? I shall state that not only it has not ceased, but that it has spread more than ever. The calls for help which reach members from all parts of Canada are a sufficient answer.

It is often queried, sir, how the government would fare should elections take place now. We wonder what would be the verdict of the people if after eight months in power our friends on your right, sir, were to face another general election. The almost unanimous views expressed by the people of Canada, is that were we to have elections today the Conservative party would be swept from power. What the Canadian people expected, so as to relieve unemployment, is not a few million dollars given out as charity. The Canadian people have more pride than that. It is not charity we expected, we had hoped, on the present Prime Minister assuming power, that a constructive policy would give works to the people; and not doles. And this charity of $20,000,000 how was it given? It was given with the disdainful gesture of the wealthy man who drops a few cents to the beggar on the street in order to get rid of him. Poor municipalities were forced to bleed themselves white in order to contribute their share and thus assure a few days of work to the unemployed. What happened in my own riding? The unemployed worked eight, ten, fifteen days, and now they are poorer than ever.

It unfortunately happened, in my county, that many poor parishes and municipalities were forced to borrow in order to meet the requirements of the government and thereby help the latter to relieve the distress existing. These municipalities were already relieving much distress and in no way did they need to be forced by the government to help their poor, which they had begun to do long before the government had their measure of $20,000,000 voted.

The Address-Mr. Brasset

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