Douglas FEE

FEE, Douglas, B.Ed.

Personal Data

Progressive Conservative
Red Deer (Alberta)
Birth Date
July 21, 1944
personnel manager, teacher, vice-principal

Parliamentary Career

November 21, 1988 - September 8, 1993
  Red Deer (Alberta)

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February 25, 1993

Mr. Doug Fee (Red Deer):

Mr. Speaker, I know that you and all members of this House and the many Canadians who supported my private member's bill calling for the restoration of the Victoria Cross will share my pleasure today.

This morning I had the honour to announce on behalf of the Prime Minister that Her Majesty has signed letters patent adding three military medals to the Canadian honours and awards system.

The decorations for which members of the Canadian forces will now be eligible were formally approved by Queen Elizabeth on February 2. They include in ascending order, the medal and star of military valour and the Victoria Cross will be the premier award for military bravery in the Canadian award system.

I appreciate the Prime Minister acknowledging my role by allowing me to make this announcement.

I want to thank members on all sides of this House for their support and their encouragement. It is gratifying as a private member to know that you can have an impact on such a significant decision.

February 25, 1993

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February 24, 1993

Mr. Fee:

On a point of order, Madam Speaker. I would just like to indicate to you and to the House that I was present for the votes on the amendment and on the bill. I chose to abstain because I have been given the honour of chairing the legislative committee.

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February 23, 1993

Mr. Doug Fee (Red Deer):

Mr. Speaker, last night 10 of the fittest members of this House put partisanship aside and accepted a challenge from the pages to compete in a game of basketball.

Although the pages are younger, stronger and in far better physical condition, experience, pride and a desire to win kept the MPs in the game. Indeed, the MPs would have won except that an unnamed member was intimidated by the enthusiastic verbal support given to the pages and he missed two free shots at the closing of the game and it ended in a 38-all tie.

Mr. Speaker, your office has always done an outstanding job selecting young Canadians to serve as pages. Without exception in my memory they have been a credit to themselves and to this House. They are intelligent, articulate and hard working. This year they also appear to be outstanding athletes.

On behalf of all members, I want to indicate what a privilege it is to know them and how satisfying it is to be able to compete athletically and not to lose.

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February 18, 1993

Mr. Doug Fee (Red Deer):

Mr. Speaker, I wish to take advantage of this opportunity to correct an erroneous impression that may have inadvertently been made during Question Period.

During the preface to his question, the member for York North implied that changes made to the unemployment aspect of what is now Bill C-113 were introduced as a concession to a Quebec caucus.

Subtopic:   PRIVILEGE
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February 9, 1993

Mr. Doug Fee (Red Deer):

Mr. Speaker, perhaps rebuttal is not the word that is necessary because of all the speakers who have spoken on this bill in this House, there has not been a single word expressed in opposition to the bill.

At this time I want to express a fair bit of pride and a lot of pleasure that the bill has made it this far. I also appreciate the comment and the mechanical problems pointed out by the valiant and honourable member for Bonavista-Trinity-Conception.

I look forward to following this bill through committee so that we can perhaps address some of those mechanical concerns. I think it is important that we address them, but it is also important that we look at the intent of the bill.

I want to thank the Legion members in my riding who supported and encouraged it. I want to thank the hundreds of people from coast to coast in this country who have written in support of the reinstatement of the Victoria Cross. I have not had a single letter of criticism from anyone, but I have had numerous people encouraging me and thanking me for the initiative.

I want to thank all of the members in this House who gave unanimous consent to make this votable. The member for Regina-Lumsden has already been pointed out. The hon. gentleman came in here on crutches to make a speech in support of this bill. I think that shows the type of support it has among the membership.

Mr. Speaker, I thank you and I thank the table officers for their help. One should never presume what is going to happen in this House, but having heard no word of opposition I look forward to this bill passing and working in committee to get it back as soon as possible.

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