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December 6, 1921 - September 5, 1925
  Weyburn (Saskatchewan)

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March 28, 1922

Mr. JOHN MORRISON (Weyburn):

Mr. Speaker, this matter of the promises made by the present Government during the late election campaign in connection with giving a cash gratuity to the returned men, has been sprung upon us, and we have not had much opportunity to prepare evidence to the contrary. During the campaign, I was not out of my constituency, but I want to contribute my little bit of evidence as to what went on in Weyburn constituency. At only two of my meetings was this matter mentioned, and at one of those meetings I was asked, when on the platform, what my attitude was towards granting this cash gratuity. I had really not considered the matter very much, and I replied that I was not in favour of it. A returned soldier was helping me at the meeting that night, and I asked him what the boys would think of my reply. He said: "You are perfectly right, Mr. Morrison; the boys are not expecting it today; they were at one time, but that is not an issue with them any more." I do not know what promises were made in other constituencies; I can speak only for what occurred in mine. The chief issue there was not what we were going to do towards rewarding the returned soldiers;-it was the record of the hon. member for Marquette (Mr. Crerar) in managing the business of the United Grain Growers. That was the chief issue and practically

Soldiers' Bonus

the only one. His record in this House was not touched on; the issue was the private business that he was conducting. The campaign in this regard was carried on very unfairly, and the issue was instigated by my hon. friends to my right. Those hon. gentlemen are finding very much fault with campaign matters, but to me their attitude looks like the pot calling the kettle black. They did their best; they did not regard all the finer rules of the game; they did everything to gain; and they lost. I think it would become them better if they would not say anything about breaking the rules of the game.

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March 27, 1922


What amount has been collected each month from the Sales Tax, since its inception?

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