BRYDEN, John H., B.A. (Hons.), M.Ph.

Personal Data

Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Aldershot (Ontario)
Birth Date
July 15, 1943
editor, reporter, writer

Parliamentary Career

October 25, 1993 - April 27, 1997
  Hamilton--Wentworth (Ontario)
June 2, 1997 - October 22, 2000
  Wentworth--Burlington (Ontario)
November 27, 2000 - May 23, 2004
  Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Aldershot (Ontario)
February 17, 2004 - May 23, 2004
  Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Aldershot (Ontario)
February 25, 2004 - May 23, 2004
  Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Aldershot (Ontario)

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February 10, 2004

Mr. John Bryden

Mr. Speaker, what I would point out to the House is that I am seeking the unanimous consent of the House and what I am asking does not require the unanimous consent of the whips. I am asking simply to be a member of a committee doing important work of the House and I would have thought that the unanimous consent of the House would permit me to have standing on the committee. It is not good enough to be a supplementary member.

Topic:   Oral Question Period
Subtopic:   Points of Order
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February 9, 2004

Mr. John Bryden

Mr. Speaker, I would like to have my name added as a seconder to the bill that was just before the House. Or if that is not in order, then I would seek unanimous consent to have that done.

Topic:   Routine Proceedings
Subtopic:   Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
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February 5, 2004

Mr. John Bryden (Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Aldershot, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, I listened to the speech by the member opposite. I somewhat agree with the idea that federal government money should be spent on federal responsibilities. I agree with that. There is a general feeling that, if the federal government spends all kinds of money on provincial or municipal responsibilities, this creates a jurisdictional problem between the levels of government.

I noticed in the Speech from the Throne that the government is proposing to provide the municipalities with full relief from the GST that they are currently paying. I wonder if the member opposite agrees with the idea of having the federal government give federal revenue to municipalities and do so, as we say in English, with no strings attached?

Topic:   Speech From The Throne
Subtopic:   Resumption of Debate on Address in Reply
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November 7, 2003

Mr. John Bryden (Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Aldershot, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, soon Canadians will have the great pleasure of seeing and enjoying 13 late18th century watercolours of exceptional scenes from Quebec City, Montreal and other parts of eastern Canada.

These water-colours by Benjamin Fisher, a British painter and officer of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, had been forgotten for 150 years in the basement of an English university.

Through the collaboration of both the National Archives of Canada and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, and with financial assistance from the Department of Canadian Heritage, these rare and magnificent works will be returned to Canada.

Topic:   Statements By Members
Subtopic:   Arts and Culture
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November 5, 2003

Mr. John Bryden

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I would like to move a motion seeking unanimous consent to move Bill C-462, a bill to amend the Access to Information Act, to committee forthwith.

Topic:   Private Members' Business
Subtopic:   Criminal Code
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