Paul-Edmond GAGNON

GAGNON, Paul-Edmond

Personal Data

Chicoutimi (Quebec)
Birth Date
January 20, 1909
Deceased Date
October 23, 1981

Parliamentary Career

June 11, 1945 - April 30, 1949
  Chicoutimi (Quebec)
June 27, 1949 - June 13, 1953
  Chicoutimi (Quebec)
August 10, 1953 - April 12, 1957
  Chicoutimi (Quebec)

Most Recent Speeches (Page 79 of 80)

December 3, 1945

1. How many members of parliament or other persons have been appointed parliamentary assistants since 1942?

2. What are their names?

3. What salary was paid to each of them during his term of office?

4. What amount was paid to each of them for expenses during his term of office?

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November 23, 1945


On division.

Motion agreed to and bills read the second time.

Bill No. 37, for the relief of Mildred Euretta Mackay Disher.-Mr. Emmerson.

Bill No. 38, for the relief of Mary Emerson W'hittemore Schlemm.-Mr. MacLean.

Bill No. 39, for the relief of Andrew Lawrence Card.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 40, for the relief of Annie Morrison Wisely Pitblado.-Mr. McGregor.

Bill No. 41, for the relief of Joe Eisen.- Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 42, for the relief of Ellen Therese Cramer Watson.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 43, for the relief of Rita Gendron Reid.-Mr. Brown.

Bill No. 44, for the relief of Evelyine Pearl Edwards Aird.-Mr. Emmerson.

Bill No. 45, for the relief of Helen Turned Luke.

Mr. Hazen.

Bill No. 46, for the relief of Lois Elizabeth Allworth Pierce.

Mr. Emmerson.

Bill No. 47, for the relief of Armandine Cecile LeBrun Lachance.-Mr. Emmerson.

Bill No. 48, for the relief of Grace Irene Paquet Hopkins.-Mr. MacLean.

Bill No. 49, for the relief of Alma Joan Begin Oswald.-Mr. Hazen.

Bill No. 50, for the relief of George Ernest Reed.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 51, for the relief of Sylvia Heather McCulloch Peck.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 52, for the relief of Frederick Keith Beattie.-Mr. Emmerson.

Bill No. 53, for the relief of Robert Coull. -Mr. Homuth.

Bill No. 54, for the relief of Violet Beach Meredith.-Mr. Croll.

Bill No. 55, for the relief of Max Engel-berg.-Mr. Casselman.

Bill No. 56, for the relief of Bertha Harris Fineberg.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 57, for the relief of Nils Jens . Pettersen.-Mr. Hazen.

Bill No. 58, for the relief of Benjamin Charles Stafford.-Mr. MacLean,

Bill No. 59, for the relief of Florence Mary Daniel Nightingale.-Mr. Benidickson.

Bill No. 60, for the relief of Edward Stephen Vasselin.-Mr. Homuth.

Bill No. 61, for the relief of Robert Marshall Miller.-Mr. Merritt.

Bill No. 62, for the relief of Dorina Laurin Wallis.-Mr. Casselman.

Bill No. 63, for the relief of Helen Louise Clark Leet.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 64, for the relief of Dorothy Anita Duffy Gregson.-Mr. Casselman.

War and Demobilization

Bill No. 65, for the relief of Irene Grace Hannan Smith.-Mr. Casselman.

Bill No. 66, for the relief of Lorna Maud Clerk Kingsland.-Mr. Casselman.

Bill No. 67, for the relief of Edgar Jean.- Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 68, for the relief of Ethel Maybird Wright Latreimouille.-Mr. Croll.

Bill No. 69, for the relief of Marie Rose-Alba Germaine Belair Blanchard. - Mr. Cleaver.

Bill No. 70, for the relief of William Bernard McCarrick.-Mr. Croll.

Bill No. 71, for the relief of Lome Edward Souva.-Mr. Casselman.

Bill No. 72, for the relief of Edith Gertrude Jackson Holloway.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 73, for the relief of George Allenby Bradshaw.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 74, for the relief of Phyllis Fitch Farber.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 75, for the relief of Vencel Hume-nay.-Mr. Rose.

Bill No. 76, for the relief of Waldo James Cousins.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 77, for the relief of Albert Wilson Harvey.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 78, for the relief of Iris Ester Westerberg Duffy.-Mr. Smith (York North).

Bill No. 79, for the relief of Della Frances Gardner Hudson.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 80, for the relief of Joseph Gerard Fernand Arthur Groleau.-Mr. Croll.

Bill No. 81, for the relief of Audrey Nathaniel Smith MacNair.-Mr. Croll.

Bill No. 82, for the relief of Ovila Bernard. -Mr. Emmerson,

Bill No. 83, for the relief of Albert Edward Spray.-Mr. Emmerson.

Bill No. 84, for the relief of Helen Isabel Dibblee Brown.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 85, for the relief of Robert Hiscock.

Mr. Homuth.

Bill No. 86, for the relief of Jacques Noel Cerminara.-Mr. MacLean.

Bill No. 87, for the relief of Joseph William Henry Beausoleil.-Mr. MacLean.

Bill No. 88, for the relief of Rita Beryl Gwendolyn Scott Lunn.-Mr. MacLean.

Bill No. 89, for the relief of Neil Sinclair McKechnie.-Mr. Maybank.

Bill No. 90, for the relief of Albert Evariste Gelinas.-Mr. Maybank.

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November 7, 1945

Mr. GAGNON (Translation):

I was paired with the hon. member for Kamouraska (Mr. Marquis). Had I voted I would have voted for the motion.

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October 18, 1945

1. How many volunteers who enlisted for

active service remained in Canada, in the various war service offices: (a) army; (b)

navy; (c) air force?

2. How many of such volunteers were Frenchspeaking?

3. How many of such volunteers were Englishspeaking?

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October 17, 1945

Mr. PAUL EDMOND GAGNON (Chicoutimi) (Translation):

I am pleased to support the resolution moved by the hon, member for Charievoix-Saguenay (iMr. Dorion) and I am glad to have an opportune to champion the rights which the British North America Act confers on the provinces, in connection with their representation in the House of Commons.

May I first tender my hearty congratulations to the hon. members who, in 1943, protested so energetically and eloquently against the spoliatory measure then introduced by the government, and to express the wish that the seeds they have sown may produce an abundant harvest at the end of this debate.

Reading again the motion moved by the hon. the Minister of Justice (Mr. St. Laurent) on July 5, 1943, I find that one of the main reasons put forward by the authorities for postponing the proper readjustment and delimitation of electoral divisions was the fear that the differences of opinion to which that measure might give rise would harm our war effort. So, Mr. Speaker, under the pretext of national unity and good understanding, a serious injustice was done to the province of Quebec, and parliament

as was then said by the hon. member for Terrebonne (Mr. Bertrand)-"took the means at its disposal with a view to checking the influence which Quebec was entitled to have on the political destinies of this country". In order to avoid stirring up the resentment of orangemen and imperialists ever ready to cry shame and to assume a "holier than thou" attitude when it comes to granting to the French Canadians that to which they are entitled in the legislative, economic and cultural spheres, the government sacrificed on the altar of race and creed prejudice the sacred principles of the Canadian constitution.

The time has now come to rectify the mistakes made in 1943 and I hope that other fallacies will not be put forward for delaying


the redistribution of electoral divisions in accordance with the procedure clearly stated in section 51 of the Confederation Act.

In asking and demanding that the government observe the provisions set forth in the British North America Act, we are requesting not a privilege, or a favour, but simply and solely full respect for the prerogatives which were guaranteed to us by the Fathers of Confederation. It is important that the hon. members who represent the maritime provinces, the western provinces and Ontario should not forget that the injustice done to the province of Quebec affects them directly inasmuch as it established as a precedent through which the government will later be enabled to mete out to them a partial and arbitrary treatment.

We do not intend to bother anyone with this problem which must be solved without delay. Every day since the opening of the session, the house has heard hon. ministers complain of the hard times we are going through and admit their helplessness in transforming the dictatorship they inflicted on the country in war time into a real working democracy. I have every sympathy for the government and am willing to cooperate with them so as to ease their burden, but these feelings of mine cannot make me forget that those who brought about the present social and economic chaos are the very ones who now complain of the logical results of the instructions, enactments, orders and abuses approved or issued by them as the case may be during the past six years.

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