James Charles BRADY

BRADY, James Charles

Personal Data

Conservative (1867-1942)
Skeena (British Columbia)
Birth Date
January 21, 1876
Deceased Date
January 24, 1962
school principal, teacher

Parliamentary Career

September 14, 1926 - May 30, 1930
  Skeena (British Columbia)

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May 30, 1930

Mr. J. C. BRADY (Skeena):

Apropos of what has just taken place, and to show exactly what is being done, let me mention that a few weeks ago a letter was addressed to the house of Olaf Hanson, the Liberal candidate in Skeena. He was not at home at the time, being either in Montreal or in the United States, and that letter was delivered to me by the post office. I retained it and made sure that Mr. Hanson got it even though I knew, Mr. Speaker, that the substance of that letter would not be a bit helpful to me.

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May 30, 1930


I will tell you why. I know this for a fact, that when Olaf Hanson returned to Prince Rupert, every step that I advanced to better conditions in my constituency

(Mr. Duff.]

Supply-Railways-Hudson Bay

he took the credit for; and I say to you, Mr. Speaker, that any man who opens a letter that is not addressed to him is doing something that is contrary to the law.

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May 29, 1930


The expenditure charged to the appropriation, not including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was in 1921-22, $13,305.S3, and to January 31, 1929-30, $31,235.77. The civil government salaries, permanent and temporary, were $7,292.78 in

1921-22, and to January 31, 1929-30, $14,808.40. What about travelling expenses? In 1921-22 travelling expenses amounted to $704.31, and to January 31, 1929.30, to

$3,748.57. The total national health expenditure in 1921-22 was $21,302.92 and to January 31, 1929-30, $49,792.74.

I come now to the number of federal, provincial and municipal convictions for the judicial years ended September 30. They are as follows:

1922- 23

$1,8581923- 24

1,1021924- 25

9971925- 26

8351926- 27

7431927- 28

4901928- 29


I cannot get the number of convictions for

1929-30. Now, one of two things is taking place to-day. In the report issued by the department, of national health, I find a statement which is not in accordance with the figures which I have given. On page 85 of that report there is this very important paragraph:

Such improvement, of course, is only relative and is to ,a great extent occasioned by the-increasing number of drug traffickers actually being incarcerated, together with a much greater cooperation with and control of the wholesale and retail druggists.

That is in contradiction of the figures which I have here, which show increased expenditure, a bigger staff, and a smaller number of convictions. In fact, it is difficult to ascertain with any authority just what the number of convictions is. The minister must admit that whoever wrote this report realized the gravity of the situation. There is something wrong in the department. Just three weeks ago I asked a number of questions with the purpose of eliciting information as to the actual situation. It is one that deeply concerns our national life, because opium and narcotic drugs generally are the ruination of many. I have not yet received an answer to my questions. I repeat, I find increased

expenditure, a bigger staff, and a smaller number of convictions, and the public is convinced that the opium and narcotic traffic is on the increase. I would like to know from the minister just what the situation is.

Topic:   S20,000.
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May 29, 1930


I do not know-and the

minister can inform me-whether or not increases are proposed to be made in connection with the staff handling this matter. I honestly believe there is some kind of concealment by the department lumping convictions which are really obtained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with those secured by the department. In other words, a number of these convictions which the minister has mentioned really are the result of the work of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I have here figures which rdveal an extraordinary story which concerns the national life of Canada. I find that in 1921-22 the total revenue from licensed fees, fines and seizures was $29,832.82, and to January 31, 1929-30, $12,375.77. If those figures are not correct, I wish the minister would correct me.


Supply-Pensions and National Health

Topic:   S20,000.
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May 29, 1930


This is a subject of such

vital importance to Canada that I would like the minister to understand my purpose is really to bring out exactly what this branch of the department is doing. I find there has been an increase in the proportion of expenditures to prosecutions and convictions by the department in connection with this subject, I find, moreover, there is an increase in travelling expenses, a decrease in revenue, an increase in salaries, a decrease in the number of convictions. The department to-day has a larger staff dealing with this very important subject when, before, according to the minister himself, with a lesser staff it was more efficient than it is now.

Topic:   S20,000.
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