PENNOCK, Robert, B.A.

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Progressive Conservative
Etobicoke North (Ontario)
Birth Date
December 14, 1936
businessman, contractor

Parliamentary Career

September 4, 1984 - October 1, 1988
  Etobicoke North (Ontario)

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August 17, 1988

Mr. Bob Pennock (Etobicoke North):

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to inform the people of Canada that irresponsible municipal government action has created a potential health hazard at Pearson International Airport.

On a daily basis Pearson is producing 40 tonnes of waste. The compactors at the airport can handle only 21 tonnes. It does not take a mathematical genius to conclude that Pearson has 19 tonnes of excess garbage to dispose of each day, every day.

Mounds of garbage already surround the planes and the disposal site. Flies and rats are infesting this refuse. These known carriers of disease pose a grave health hazard to the people working at the airport and in the surrounding area.

A new disposal system is being put in place at Pearson but, temporarily, the garbage must go somewhere. Toronto has an incinerator on Commissioner Street. Despite requests from Pearson Airport, Toronto closed this incinerator.

Hamilton has an incinerator running at 50 per cent capacity only. Why? Because they do not have enough garbage. Yet they refuse to take the garbage from Pearson until they get planes from Pearson.

Toronto and Hamilton's self-serving interests are holding the country to ransom. Their narrow-minded attitude is endangering the health of airport personnel, citizens of Canada, and the agriculture industry at large. Something must be done.

Subtopic:   AIRPORTS
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June 29, 1988

Mr. Bob Pennock (Etobicoke North):

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of State for Transport. The Minister is aware that the residents surrounding Pearson Airport have recently been awakened by run-up noises during the restricted hours of midnight to 6 a.m. For your benefit, Mr. Speaker, run-up noise is engine testing, not the run-up noise we hear on a daily basis from the opposition benches.

The Minister is aware that this run-up creates the same noise level as an engine in take-off or landing. However, unlike take-off and landing, it is not subject to any restrictions.

Could the Minister ensure that action will be taken so that residents around the airport will not be disturbed at these ungodly hours and that this colleague of his, who is also a resident, can get his much needed beauty rest?

Subtopic:   AIRPORTS
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June 17, 1988

Mr. Bob Pennock (Etobicoke North):

Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my best wishes to the Chinese community as it prepares to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow.

Since the drowning suicide of a patriotic poet statesman in 276 BC, it has become a day of commemoration, uniquely celebrated by offering some special rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, and by holding dragon boat races.

The Chinese have enriched Canada's multicultural life with their colourful celebrations, such as the Dragon Boat Festival.

I for one from Toronto, where we have a large active community, would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their tremendous contributions to our country and to Canadian society as a whole.

On behalf of the Government of Canada and my colleagues I would like to wish all the best to those of Chinese origin who will be celebrating tomorrow.

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May 17, 1988

Mr. Bob Pennock (Etobicoke North):

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour and pleasure to present a petition from many residents of the riding of Etobicoke North as well as other centres in Ontario. The petition deals with the Memorandum of Agreement entered into by the Department of Justice between Canada and the U.S.S.R. dealing only with Nazi war criminals. My constituents call upon Parliament to enter into negotiations to amend the Memorandum of Agreement to reflect the prosecution of all war criminals in order that not only Nazi war criminals will be singled out.

Subtopic:   PETITIONS
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May 5, 1988

Mr. Bob Pennock (Etobicoke North):

Mr. Speaker, today the Netherlands celebrates Liberation Day, a day of celebration which, better than any other, demonstrates the strong bonds between Canadians and the Dutch. On this day in 1945 the Netherlands were liberated from German occupation. I am proud to say that Canadians played a prominent role in freeing the Dutch people from Nazi oppression.

The tulips which brighten Ottawa's and Toronto's spring remind us of the ties we share with the Netherlands. Canada and the Netherlands will always share a special attachment based on history and friendship. From the sheltering of the Dutch royal family during World War II, through liberation from the Nazis, to the current enrichment by immigration, our bonds have only been strengthened.

As the Member of Parliament for Etobicoke North, I would like to offer my congratulations, on the occasion of Liberation Day, to Canadians of Dutch heritage and the people of the Netherlands.

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