Gérard BINET

BINET, Gérard

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Frontenac--Mégantic (Quebec)
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November 11, 1955
businessman, draftsman

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November 27, 2000 - May 23, 2004
  Frontenac--Mégantic (Quebec)

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September 24, 2003

Mr. Gérard Binet (Frontenac—Mégantic, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, from September 21 to 28, 2003, Canada will host, for the first time, the World Forestry Congress in Quebec City. This event, attended by some 4,000 delegates and forestry experts from around the world, is an opportunity to present and share our experiences and contribute to the definition of a vision for tomorrow's forests.

The Government of Canada, through the Department of Natural Resources, is proud to host this congress.

This is also an opportunity for Canada to show the rest of the world that its investments in skills, knowledge and innovation contribute to maintaining a healthy and safe environment, as well as preserving our natural heritage.

During the World Forestry Congress in Quebec City, the participants from around the world will see for themselves that our country is truly a model in this field.

Congratulations, Canada.

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September 15, 2003

Mr. Gérard Binet (Frontenac—Mégantic, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, last week a conference was held to denigrate Canadian chrysotile asbestos; it was chaired by the member for Windsor—St. Clair and the international ban asbestos movement.

Their goal was to accuse our government and pro-chrysotile stakeholders of hypocrisy and profiting from the export of Canadian asbestos.

At a rally organized last Friday by the pro-asbestos movement, 250 miners and regional stakeholders came to Ottawa to protest the holding of this conference.

On Tuesday, results of a study on the low biopersistence of Quebec chrysotile released by the directors of the Asbestos Institute provide sufficient evidence to support the debate over the safe and responsible use of chrysotile.

And I reiterated the position of the Government of Canada—that when chrysotile is used safely it poses no risk to health.

I would like to thank the residents of Frontenac—Mégantic and Asbestos for this rally in Ottawa. We were able to demonstrate to all of Canada that properly used chrysotile is a fibre worth preserving.

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June 12, 2003

Mr. Gérard Binet (Frontenac—Mégantic, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, Adstock's first Strongman Festival will be held from July 10 to 13 under the patronage of Hugo Girard.

Hugo Girard, a police officer from Gatineau and world record holder, is the strongest man in the world, having won, among other things, the 2002 World Strongman Super Series sponsored by the International Federation of Strength Athletes. Since 1998, he has stunned crowds across Canada, the United States and Europe with his feats of strength and immeasurable challenges.

Twelve strong men from Canada and the United States will compete at the Adstock Strongman Festival, and the winners will move on to the provincial competitions.

Since the dawn of time, people have always been fascinated by strong men, from Samson to Cyr to Schwarzenegger. I cordially invite you to come to Adstock to watch the demonstrations of physical strength that are part of our folk tradition in Quebec.

Congratulations and best wishes to the volunteer organizers from the lovely municipality of Adstock.

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June 9, 2003

Mr. Gérard Binet (Frontenac—Mégantic, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, from August 1 to 9, the Asbestos region will host the 39th finals of the Jeux du Québec–été 2003. At this event, 4,273 athletes from all over Quebec will take part in a multitude of sporting activities.

On June 2, on behalf of the Minister of Human Resources Development, I had the pleasure of announcing $21,431 in financial support for the organizing committee. This funding comes from the summer career placements program and will make it possible to create summer jobs for seven students.

Whether they work in preparing for the games, or ensuring later that they run smoothly, having a summer job helps these young people develop new skills and abilities, identify career objectives and save money to pay for their education. This initiative, which will benefit the employer as much as the young people, is a fine example of the creative synergy between enthusiasm and experience; we can be very proud of this kind of program.

This summer, we invite you all to visit this beautiful region and take part in our summer games.

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June 4, 2003

Mr. Gérard Binet (Frontenac—Mégantic, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, on June 2, I had the pleasure, on behalf of the Minister of Human Resources Development Canada, to announce a contribution of $113,434 to the Centre d'entraide de la région de Disraëli. This centre helps disadvantaged people in the area and organizes various social and cultural activities.

The money will be used to give 10 young people, aged 16 to 30, an opportunity to plant seeds and maintain a garden using organic methods to control weeds and insect pests. This experience is expected to be very enriching for these young people, and as a consequence, will not only improve the centre's infrastructures, but also beautify the natural environment. It is an excellent initiative that will raise awareness and help young people take responsibility for their own personal growth, right in their community.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and long live Canada.

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