René-Antoine PELLETIER

PELLETIER, René-Antoine

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Social Credit
Peace River (Alberta)
Birth Date
September 2, 1908
Deceased Date
March 30, 1993
station agent

Parliamentary Career

October 14, 1935 - January 25, 1940
  Peace River (Alberta)

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May 30, 1913


The two questions go one with the other; they are very closely connected. If we were to lower that minimum to 25 per cent we would not be able to close the small post offices which now exist along the mail routes, because 75 per cent of the people would still have to deal with the post office. The policy of the department is, at every point, where possible, to do away with the small office, and to deliver the mail to everybody under the rural mail system. We find now that we have our hands full with the 51 per cent minimum, and I do not hesitate to say- this is no reflection on anybody-that where there is only 25 per cent of the people, we had better wait until we have 51 per cent.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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May 16, 1913


I must say that this

is the first time the matter is submitted to me. So far, the hon. member for Montcalm (Mr. Lafortune) has sent me no correspondence about it nor did he call my attention to it in the House. I must say- and I hope both sides of the House will bear testimony in my behalf

that I have never stopped to consider what was the political party adhered to by those concerned, or the fact that they were represented by a Conservative or by a Liberal,

when I was called upon to take a decision on such a question. So true is this, that 1 was even congratulated for so doing.

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