Joseph Enoil MICHAUD

MICHAUD, The Hon. Joseph Enoil, P.C., Q.C., B.A., LL.B., LL. D.

Personal Data

Restigouche--Madawaska (New Brunswick)
Birth Date
September 26, 1888
Deceased Date
May 23, 1967
barrister, notary

Parliamentary Career

October 23, 1933 - August 14, 1935
  Restigouche--Madawaska (New Brunswick)
October 14, 1935 - January 25, 1940
  Restigouche--Madawaska (New Brunswick)
  • Minister of Fisheries (October 23, 1935 - October 5, 1942)
March 26, 1940 - April 16, 1945
  Restigouche--Madawaska (New Brunswick)
  • Minister of Fisheries (October 23, 1935 - October 5, 1942)
  • Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada (November 27, 1941 - December 9, 1941)
  • Minister of Public Works (May 13, 1942 - October 6, 1942)
  • Minister of Transport (October 6, 1942 - April 17, 1945)

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April 9, 1945


It is not considered in the public interest that this question should be answered. The question has to do with the internal management

of the Canadian National Railways and is of a type that all governments have consistently declined to answer.

2. No information.

3. No information.

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April 9, 1945

1. Yes.

2. See answer to No. 1.

3. The following hull steel work is erected:- (a) complete fiat keel and centre girder; (b) floors and girders and tank top-plating for about 140 feet of ship's length; (c) 50 bottom shell plates. The following is fabricated:- (a) 70 main and intermediate frames, both sides; (b) stringers for about 140 feet of ship's length; (c) 1 bulkhead. Pattern for stem completed and for stern frame 3/4 completed; loft moulds completed for 15 floors both sides and 140 feet side girders both sides.

4. Marine Industries Limited, Sorel, Que.

5. On basis of cost, plus fixed fee. The total estimated cost is $4,750,000.

6. The contract price is for the completed ship.

7. Marine Industries Limited have sub-let the work for construction of the machinery to Dominion Engineering Company, Limited.

8. The propulsion equipment includes a power plant, consisting of 16-6 cylinder engines in sets of two, each set direct connected to a 1050 k.w. generator. The actual propulsion is done by four propellers each driven by a 3.850 h.p. electric motor. The auxiliary equip-


ment includes a power plant consisting of three 4 cylinder engines each direct connected to a 330 k.w. generator. This power plant is for supplying the lighting and all ship's services. For the propulsion machinery engines all castings and about 3/4 of the forgings have been delivered to the shops, cylinders, cylinder liners, cylinder heads, main engine castings, crank and cam shafts are completely machined. All other castings and forgings are approximately 1/3 machined.

Twenty-four of the cylinders complete with lines are assembled on the crank casings and two crank shafts are being fitted in the crank bases. All plans for engines are complete.

All of the material for the eight 1050 K.W. generators has been delivered to the electrical factory and is now in process of manufacture. Shipment to the engine builder for assembly with the engines is scheduled to commence with two generators in August, continuing two each month, with complete shipment early in November.

Likewise all of the material for the four 3850 H.P. propulsion motors has been delivered to the factory. These being among the largest of their type ever built in Canada require a longer time for manufacture. Shipment to the shipbuilder will commence with two in January and two in February, 1946.

All the material for the control of this power plant has been ordered and about 90 per cent [DOT]of it is in the electrical factory. Assembly has not yet been started pending completion of the necessary drafting of the design. Such drafting is about 90 per cent complete and assembly of the control equipment will commence shortly.

For the auxiliary power plant engine about half of the castings and forgings are in the shop, of which about half are machined. All of the material for the three 330 K.W. auxiliary generators has been delivered to the electrical factory and manufacture is well advanced. Shipment to the engine builder for assembly with the engines is expected to be complete early in November.

9. February, 1946.

10. As called for.

11. No name has been given to the ship as yet.

12. During the summer of 1946.

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March 29, 1945


(Minister of Transport) : As a result of the recommendations of the reconstruction committee, and of representations made by the government of Nova Scotia and by members of parliament representing that section of the province, the Minister of Reconstruction has asked the Department of Transport to have the survey remade and checked up for permanent facilities - either a bridge or causeway-across the strait of Canso.

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March 28, 1945


When the skins are sold

on the market.

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March 28, 1945

1. Yes, at Dog creek, not Dog lake, near Williams lake, British Columbia.

2. Work commenced in September, 1942, and completed in November, 1943.

3. Expropriated from Diamond "S" Ranch Ltd. (David Spencer Limited), by the filing of plan on April 26, 1944.

4. Area expropriated-911-42 acres.

5. The former owners' price for the expropriated land was considered too high and the case is being referred to the Exchequer Court of Canada for determination of the compensation payable.

6. Yes, part of the property of Diamond "S" Ranch Limited.

7. The assessed value of the expropriated land in 1943 was $3,641.49.

Subtopic:   R.C.A.F.-DOG CREEK, B.C., AIRFIELD
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