Thomas HAY

HAY, Thomas

Personal Data

Conservative (1867-1942)
Springfield (Manitoba)
Birth Date
August 6, 1872
Deceased Date
October 2, 1939

Parliamentary Career

December 17, 1917 - October 4, 1921
  Selkirk (Manitoba)
October 29, 1925 - July 2, 1926
  Springfield (Manitoba)
July 28, 1930 - August 14, 1935
  Springfield (Manitoba)

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May 19, 1905


Gilbert was the contractor. The original contract was let in 1900. There rwere three tenders, and Mr. Gilbert's was the lowest.

Soulanges canal-steel bridge at power house, $500 ; construction, $36,500 ; total, $37,000.

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July 13, 1904

1. On June 3rd, 1903.

2. There would seem to be no necessity lor further standards until a new crop comes in.

3. Answered by No. 2.

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June 23, 1904

Mr. G. H.

Baker, sou of Senator Baker, to be senior captain of the said squadron.

No objection to the military qualifications of Captain Baker but merely a statement that ne happens, unfortunately, to be related to Senator Baker-unfortunately according to the view of the hon. Minister of Agriculture, because if Captain Baker had not been the son of his father there would have been no objection to him by my hon. friend the Minister of Agriculture. Then, my hon. friend the Minister of Agriculture proceeds as follows :

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June 3, 1904

Trip J. H.

, M.D.: medical services, 37 days' attendance at quarantine station at $10 ; 5 visits to country at $12.50 ; team, 5 days at $5 ; telegrams, $2.35 ; medicine, $5-$464.

Thus I cannot possibly see where the services of Dr. Patterson, of Winnipeg, came in, although he was paid in all about $6,000 for these 250 days' service.

I do not wish to say anything in criticism of the charges, but there seems to be no system at all, because, if we take the case of Dr. Smith, at Medicine Hat. we find that he vaccinated twenty-nine people at $1 for each person, and Dr. Calder, at the same place, vaccinated 230 people at 25 cents each. Of course, Dr. Calder is very moderate ; I am not objecting to the charges at all, but it seems strange that in one case you pay 25 cents and in another you pay $1. At Duck Lake we find Dr. Stewart vaccinating 250 half-breeds at 50 cents each. That is. a wholesale contract, I suppose. Dr. Smyth then vaccinated twenty-nine patients at $1 each, and Dr. Calder vaccinated 230 at 25 cents each. Dr. Calder was very moderate in all his charges. He travelled 56 miles at 50 cents a mile. He apparently had not then understood that he was in the employ of the government.

The point to which I want to draw attention is that all this work was done at the expense of this country. When these people were unfortunate enough to contract small-pox a medical man was sent to them at once, and all the expenses were paid by the country. In the report of the Minister of the Interior you will see that if immigrants coming into this country are unfortunate enough to be quarantined for any cause whatever, they have to pay their own expenses or be deported with their families back to the country from which they came. I cannot see the justice of making that distinction between two classes of people. It may be that some agent has persuaded an emigrant to come to this country. He may be a poor man with a family of four or five, who comes here with very little money, Mr. VROOMAN.

and may contract some contagious disease upon the boat, perhaps from some one on board or from rats on the ship. Such a man lands here and has no money to pay expenses and he is sent to his home. But up in the Northwest Territories, men who have lived there for years, and who may be in very easy and comfortable circumstances, are unfortunate enough to contract smallpox, the people of this country have to pay the expenses all the way through. I would like the minister to give an explanation of that.

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May 18, 1904

1. No ; no line has been established between Canada and France within the terms of the contract.

2. The contract has not been assigned in manner required by the contract.

3. It is claimed that one steamer made a trip in the month of April. We have no information as to whom it belonged nor as to who chartered it.

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