March 3, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


James Layton Ralston



That does not answer anything at all. My hon. friend was not assuming and did not suggest that he was assuming anything. He was giving that pledge to the people of the Dominion of Canada, and that is why I am saying to my hon. friend that I do not think he is treating the situation quite fairly when he refers the hon. member for St. Boniface to the municipality. This is an emergency. My hon. friend has bitten it off and has taken the responsibility, and he ought at least to investigate, and not simply sit back and say: "We have not any reports
from the provincial government," because a good many people can go hungry before a municipality or a province moves in connection with the matter. That is the point I am making, and my hon. friend should not stand on ceremony, as apparently he is doing in connection with some of these matters. It is all very well to say that it is a municipal or provincial charge. The good old constitution is serving its purpose with my hon. friend just now. But he has taken that responsibility, and I submit that he should do whatever is necessary to see that relief reaches these people.
Just to open the matter of the advances with regard to what I may call wheat futures, I do not think the orders in council which were passed in connection with that matter have yet been put on the records of this house. They have been referred to by the public press, and the Prime Minister some time ago made a statement in the house, but the orders in council have not yet been put on record. I do not want to take up the time or the space in Hansard to read them through; all I want to do, if I can, is at least to begin to summarize them.
The first one-I think this is the first-is P.C. 2238, passed on September 12, 1931. It recites a report from the Minister of Finance under the Unemployment and Farm Relief Act of 1931, and of an undertaking-hon. members will note this

*-of an undertaking .on behalf of the government, made before the session of parliament at which the said act was passed, to implement by legislation-
A certain recommendation, which was that certain chartered banks, namely, the Bank
of Montreal, the Bank of Nova Scotia, the Bank of Toronto, the Canadian Bank of Commerce, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Dominion Bank, and the Imperial Bank of Canada, should be guaranteed the amounts of money advanced by them to an association or company known as the Cooperative Wheat Producers Limited:
-hereinafter called "Wheat Producers," and interest thereon until repayment as agreed between the said banks and Wheat Producers in connection with and incidental to the marketing of the wheat and other grains grown in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in the year 1930 and delivered to or in process of delivery to Wheat Producers, and including advances for purchases of wheat or other grains deemed necessary by Wheat Producers to secure the advantageous sale of such grains already delivered to or to be delivered to Wheat Producers.
That clause beginning with the words "and including" is of particular importance in connection with ithe transactions which subsequently took place.
There is a recommendation in the order in council that the guarantee should become operative and payment should be made out of the consolidated revenue fund of Canada when all or practically all of such wheat has bqen sold or realized upon, less expenses.
Progress reported.

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