February 14, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Vincent Dupuis



Mr. Chairman, if you will allow me I should like to say a few words in French, because as a representative of a constituency in which there is more misery than need of cadet services, I feel bound to make a statement.
(Translation): Mr. Chairman, as you are aware I am the successor, in the house, of a man 'who represented the constituency of La-prairie-Napierville for a quarter of a century, and who, during the whole of his parliamentary life was strenuously opposed to military

Bank Act
service. It does not follow, however, that I should share, in all circumstances, the views he held on this subject, because I think that the training of cadets is useful both physically and from the viewpoint of discipline, and, is an excellent training for later on in life. However, I share the views of my leader, and state that in a period of hardships and want, when we are surrounded by friends, relatives and many others who are destitute, deprived of the necessities of life, even children actually in want, we should practice economy in our budget so as to permit the government to relieve those in such miserable circumstances. That is why I am strongly opposed to all new grants as long as this economic depression is with us.
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