September 15, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert Laird Borden (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. BORDEN (Halifax).

I merely want to ask the hon. Minister of Justice, who is, of course, absolutely familiar with it, what would be the procedure for awarding compensation to persons whose land has been taken. As I understand it, under the law in regard to government railways-I am not very familiar with the later amendments to it-the land is absolutely vested in the Crown as it is vested under this section,; upon filing a plan and description in the land office of the registration district in which the land is situated. Then the Railway Act goes on to provide a procedure by' which the persons whose lands have been taken could obtain compensation. I do not see any procedure of that kind here, and it occurred to me that the provisions in the Railway Act might be wide enough to apply to the case of land taken Tinder section 13, although my recollection is that they would not be wide enough. If my impression in that regard is correct then it would seem to me that section 13 should be am-

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