September 15, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)



So far as the hon. gentleman's question relates to the salaries that may be paid to these commissioners, I am not prepared to say that that is not a proper question for consideration before the matter is finally disposed of in this House. With regard to the salaries of the commissioners under the new Railway Act, I would remind him that they were not mentioned in the Bill, but were a subject for consideration, and that at a later stage a resolution was submitted specifying what they should be. I admit that before this Bill goes through the House it may be proper for the government to give some information as to the salaries to be paid to these commissioners though I could understand that circumstances might arise to render it advisable to leave that question to the decision of the government. My hon. friend has dealt with three commissions, and, if I understand him correctly, he objects to the appointment of these commissions for the transaction of public business, claiming that these are matters that should be dealt with by the government in the ordinary ministerial way. Have I understood my hon. friend correctly ? .

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