October 25, 1932 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph-Achille Verville


Mr. VERVILLE (Translation):

Unfortunately, the prospect of the farmers receiving protection is very slight and uncertain. Yet the contrary should be the case.
I reside in a farming community, I know their requirements and I am aware of the financial situation of many of them. I can state with knowledge that, owing to the very low prices farmers obtain for their products and the too high prices they must pay for manufactured articles, which they require for farming, it is impossible, notwithstanding prodigies of thrift of which they are -capable and do practice, to make both ends meet.
Take, for instance, the case of farmers, as a whole, who throughout last summer, because of the ridiculously low prices they obtained for butter and cheese, earned 7 cents per day, by -milking the cows twice a day, feeding them and moreover carrying the milk to the butter or cheese factory; this represents 50 cents a week for each cow. D-o you not think that these conditions are not discouraging and of a nature to utterly crush the energies of our farming class which is not exacting, it is true, but which is entitled neverthless to a living wage and the government's protection.

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