October 25, 1932 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Wesley Ashton Gordon (Minister of Immigration and Colonization; Minister of Labour; Minister of Mines)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. W. A. GORDON (Minister of Labour):

This is the first intimation I have had from any source that there was any desire on anybody's part for such a committee to investigate. The hon. member, in referring to the position of returned soldiers upon the land is, I take it, referring to what are commonly called soldier settlers. The condition of these men is constantly under review by the field staff of the soldier settlement board, land settlement branch. If the hon. member knows of any difficulties which are not now under review, I should be very glad if he would make known those difficulties to me. They will be promptly investigated, and if any injustice is being done, which I greatly doubt, by the department, it will be immediately rectified.
Imperial Conference-Trade Agreements

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