May 21, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Frederick George Sanderson



On May 11 the minister stated that it would not be possible for him to give me a list by counties, and I said I would not press that point if he would give me as much information as he had on the matter. The minister has stated that he has a back to the land policy and on April 22 he stated that during the last calendar or fiscal year he had placed 4,165 persons back on the land in the province of Ontario. Since that time I think I have been very patient in regard to the information promised to me by the minister on April 22. He now tells me this morning that he has not the names and he does not think it would be fair to give them. I cannot see why he should not give the names of those placed back on the land in the province of Ontario during the past year. I should prefer if the minister would be frank and candid with me and tell me that he does not want to supply the information

Soldier Settlement Act
which he has volunteered to give not once, not twice but three times. Since April 22 he has been stating that he is getting this information for me. I do not like this process of stalling-I hope that is not unparliamentary-because I think any hon. member of this house is entitled to the information. Will the minister give me what information he has obtained after having his officials work on this matter since April 22? It is a simple request and the minister should tell me frankly either that he does not want to give me the information or that he has not the information. I am inclined to think that he has not got the information he said he had on April 22.

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