May 19, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Peter John Veniot


Mr. VENIOT (Translation):

I did not say what was the reason. The hon. member is getting excited again.
Tenders are called for and received. Provencher put in a tender for $595; a man named Richer for $800; one Blake for $825, and one Boulanger for $875. The contract was awarded to Richer at the price of the lowest tender, that submitted' by Provencher.
Richer had put in a tender for $800 and Provencher for $500, and Richer learnt that he would secure the contract if he would lower his tender price to $595. That happened after the meeting of December 22nd at which Provencher refused to pay $5 to MacKinnon. I do not say that is the reason.

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