September 14, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. I@

It is of course impossible to discuss this measure at the present time ; indeed, it would be unusual to do so. So far as I gather from the explanation made by the Minister of Finance, some of the matters provided for are to a considerable extent matters of detail-length of time, and so forth-while others involve considerations which are more serious. I would not regard it as desirable to relieve the Auditor General of responsibility to any considerable extent. If you abolish his duties altogether, you would relieve him entirely of responsibility, but I do not think you would advance the public interest. I would like to ask my hon. friend the Minister of Finance whether or not the proposed measure has been submitted to the Auditor General himself for the purpose of enabling him to make any suggestions which he might have with regard to it. I have no doubt that as to many of these matters he might himself be of opinion that some changes should be made in the Audit Act; but I would like to know whether he has been consulted or not, and whether there are any suggestions of tiie Auditor General which have not been acquiesced in or considered advisable by the administration.

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