April 19, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Jean Louis Baribeau

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. BARIBEAU (Translation):

-and I would consider it amiss if I did not thank, in the house, the representative in Canada of His Majesty, the King, both on behalf of my fellow-citizens in Champlain and mine, for the cordial reception I received. I felt some pride in being welcomed by words spoken in the language of my forebears and, I think, I am giving expression to the French Canadians' feelings, in quoting, in this respect, a letter addressed to His Excellency, the Governor General by the President of "L'Institut Canadien-frangais d'Ottawa":
To His Excellency, the Earl of Bessborough, Governor General of Canada,
Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Out.
The Institut canadien-frangais of Ottawa, the oldest French society in Ontario, founded in 1852 and incorporated by an act of parliament in 1865, having since its foundation, been the purest expression of French self-respect and determination, in Ottawa, is pleased to express to Your Excellency, the deepest feelings of gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the wise counsels that you had the kindness and courtesy of extending to the Canadian people, since your arrival in Canada, on the importance of learning the French language.
To those sentiments we add the testimonial of our proverbial loyalty to the British Crown.
Your Excellency possibly does not realize to what extent the interest you take in the French language is appreciated by the French Canadian population.
I beg of Your Excellency to accept, as a source of information, a copy of the constitution and rules of our society. You may thus judge for yourself what is our aim and what are our means of action.

The Budget-Mr. Spencer
On behalf of all the members of the Institute and on behalf of all my compatriots, Your Excellency, will allow me to express to you again our sincere and cordial thanks.
I have the honour to be, sir,
Your obedient and faithful servant,
H. Beaulieu.
Allow me also to congratulate, perhaps somewhat late, the hon. member for Toronto Northeast (Mr. Baker) for the splendid speech he delivered in the French language, in the house, last year. So long as the two great races of this country will understand and admire one another, we may depend on them to elect legislators who will realize what are the best interests of Canada, and I believe that the 'harmonious cooperation of these two great races constitute one of the surest guarantees of the respect of the constitution and one of the most powerful factors to solve our national problems, whatever they may be.

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