April 12, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Arthur-Lucien Beaubien

Liberal Progressive

Mr. A. L. BEAUBIEN (Provencher):

Mr. Speaker, may I refer to a question answered yesterday by the Prime Minister (Mr. Bennett) with regard to the Stamp Commission. His answer reads:

The Budget-Mr. Motherwell
In answer to the second question, no sum was paid for fees to any of the commissioners, but for expenses Sir Josiah Stamp received $2,120.57: Chief Justice Brown, $1,198.16; Mr. W. S. Evans, $1,101.73. Sir _ Josiah Stamp declined to accept any fee for his services, and, as has been intimated, a piece of plate was presented to him. Chief Justice Brown expects to be paid some small honorarium for his services, an appropriation for which will be included in the supplementary estimates, no amount having been determined.
I should like to inquire of the Prime Minister if Mr. W. S. Evans, one of the commissioners, is to receive any fees for his services, and I should like to know also when we may expect to know the amount which Mr. Sweatman is to receive for his services in connection with the commission.

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