April 12, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Pierre Édouard Blondin (Speaker of the Senate)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I have the honour to inform the house that I have received the resignation of Hon. George B. Jones, member for the electoral district of Royal.
This is accompanied by the following letter:
Ottawa, April 12, 1932.
Dear Sir:
I am the principal partner in the firm of Jones Brothers, carrying on a general store business at Apohaqui, New Brunswick. The store is not operated by me personally.
For some time past, the Indian medical director has been in the habit of giving to needy Indians residing near Apohaqui orders for merchandise which have been filled by the firm of Jones Brothers.
Yesterday afternoon, I learned, for the first time, that in the House of Commons Act there
l Mr. Pouliot.]
is a provision against goods, wares, and merchandise being sold to any department of the public service by an unincorporated firm of which a member of parliament is the proprietor, in whole or part, and that if goods are sold by such a firm, the interested member of parliament thereby vacates his seat.
I therefore find myself in a position where I have vacated my seat in parliament. I enclose herewith my resignation as member of the House of Commons of Canada for the electoral district of Royal in the province of New Brunswick.
I need hardly say how deeply I regret that my lack of knowledge of the provisions of the law relating to the House of Commons has placed me in the unfortunate position where I am compelled to resign my seat in parliament.
I have the honour to be, sir,
Your obedient servant,
George B. Jones.
His Honour.
The Hon. George Black, K.C., M.P.,
House of Commons,

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