March 31, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



It is below the intelligence of the hon. member to make the answer he has.
Does the minister think that these men will be able to do pick and shovel work on the St. Lawrence? They could not do it because they have not had the necessary training. If this government desires order to be restored, there is only one way in which it can bring about that result. The work of the government should be divided among the members of the cabinet instead of being done by a single man, however able. This government should adopt the practice carried out by the leader of the opposition (Mr. Mackenzie King) when his government was in power, and by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Robert Borden. It is only fair that members of the cabinet should share in the work of government. The matter is vital to the country and this method should be adopted.
I do not make these suggestions to annoy the committee and the minister, I am simply trying to make the minister understand. Even though he were the greaest physician in the country, he could not cure a disease without first knowing what it was. Each angle of this unemployment question should be considered separately and the minister should take the trouble to obtain as soon as possible the information which I desire. As a matter of fact, this information should have been obtained immediately the government came into power.
A special committee made a study of the unemployment question for a short time after this government took office. One of its recommendations was that immigration should be stopped. I am glad to see the hon. member for Three Rivers (Mr. Bourgeois) in his place because this is the first opportunity I have had to welcome him to this house. He is a perfect gentleman and my only regret is that his political principles are wrong. During his last election campaign he paid a compliment to this government by stating that it had stopped immigration. What did the Acting Minister of Immigration and Colonization (Mr. Gordon) say to that? He said that this government would never close the

door to Englishmen who wanted to come to this country. The minister is bringing young boys out here. It is true that they have the money to pay their passage but he cannot guarantee that they will not in the future be a charge upon this country. Perhaps he should take a position as purser on one of the boats which carry these young Englishmen to this country. I think the salary would be high enough.

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