March 29, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph Thauvette


Mr. JOSEPH THAUVETTE (Vaudreuil-Soulanges) (Translation):

Mr. Speaker, I
think I would not be doing my duty as a representative of the people of Canada and more particularly of the people of my own constituency if I did not take part in this discussion, in order to protest on their behalf against this motion which we have been discussing for several days past.
In order to justify my opposition to this measure and to grasp the import of this resolution, it is necessary for me to consider its very terms, the time at which it was submitted to us and the constitutional results its adoption might bring about. These various considerations offer, to my mind, a wide field for discussion. So far as I am concerned, during the few minutes at my disposal, I cannot give this question all the attention its importance calls for. Most valuable suggestions have already been made by hon. members from this side of the house; therefore, I shall not try to rise to the plane of those experienced parliamentarians and prudent economists. With your permission, Mr. Speaker, I shall only express my humble opinion and that will take me only a few minutes.
First, let us see what the resolution says:
That it is expedient to introduce a bill to amend chapter 58 of the statutes of Canada, 1931, striking out the word "March" in section 8, and substituting the word "May" therefor.
Apparently the changing of the word "March" into "May" is not in itself a difficult operation.

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