March 22, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph-Fernand Fafard


Mr. FAFARD (Translation):

They are such liars (si menteurs, eimenteurs). We have to keep in mind that the province of Quebec is the premier province in the Dominion and that many, many farms have been under cultivation two or three hundred years. I do not intend to enlarge on the advantages of fertilizers for agricultural purposes. Agronomists and technicians have already stressed these advantages. However, it is well to remember that nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potash and vegetable matter constitute the principal elements absolutely requisite for plant life and no substitute can perform the function of potash in vegetable economy.
I have observed, Mr. Speaker, that the money was spent without any regard for the agricultural class. If the few suggestions I submit to the government were acted upon,

Unemployment Continuance Act
the unemployed and the agricultural class would both be helped at the same time, and any help given to the agricultural population is a contribution to the country's assets.
I am told the Minister of Immigration (Mr. Gordon) has inaugurated a return to the land policy. I must congratulate him.
Unfortuately, 1 cannot see eye to eye with many economists on this point. I have always observed that a farmer who abandoned his farm, lived in the city five or six years, enjoyed the benefits of modern improvements and the somewhat artificial amusements he may find therein, finds it somewhat difficult to once more get in touch with the land. I believe the Minister of Immigration by inaugurating now a return to the land policy puts the cart before the horse, as we say in my part of the country. Before urging the return to the land, they should apply a policy that will enable the farmers to earn a decent living.
We have heard many complaints from other provinces. Coming as I do from the province of Quebec, I can tell my friends from those provinces that Quebec in common with other sections of the country has suffered and is still suffering.

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