March 8, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Power Howden


Mr. J. P. HOWDEN (St. Boniface):

Mr. Speaker, I desire to ask a question of the Minister of Immigration and Colonization (Mr. Gordon); in his absence however I am content to direct my question to the Prime Minister. My inquiry is based on an item which appeared in last night's issue of the Ottawa Citizen under the heading of "Protests Bringing Boys Into Canada." The article is as follows:
A protest against the proposed bringing of 500 boys into Canada during the present year from Great Britain has been made by Rt. Rev. John C. Farthing, bishop of Montreal. The bishop sent his protest to the Dominion government and the government of Ontario.
"The boys," the bishop said, "are to be offered as sacrifices to keep together immigration organizations of various kinds. Surely it would be better to disband every organization rather than keep them together at the expense of 500 old country lads."
I wish to ask if these boys are being brought to Canada with the approval of the government, if the movement is government assisted, and what guarantee the government will have that the boys sooner or later will not become part of the ranks of the unemployed, and public charges requiring deportment?

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