February 22, 1932 (17th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Alfred Thompson

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. T. A. THOMPSON (Lanark):

Mr. Speaker, it is not my intention to speak at length upon the resolution now before the house. Facts concerning the woollen industry have been debated thoroughly by hon. members who have preceded me. I wish to say, however, that not only in western Canada but in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and the maritimes there are large areas of land admirably suited to the raising of sheep. The sheep raisers in the part of Ontario I have the honour to represent have for many years felt the need of assistance. The hon. member for Maple Creek (Mr. Swanston) has said that we are producing only about 20,000,000 pounds of wool in Canada where our annual consumption is about 80,000,000 pounds. If adequate protection is afforded, however, I am sure Canada can produce a quality of wool equal to that now being imported by our manufacturers. It has been argued, and probably with some effect, that we are not producing a wool capable of being manufactured into the finest yams. If such is the case, our inability to produce first class wool should be investigated. I am firmly of the opinion, however, that if we are given proper protection and encouragement we can produce wool as fine in quality as that produced in any part of the world. Certainly if there is one part of the agricultural industry requiring protection, it is the sheep growing section. I am heartily in accord with the provisions of the resolution.
At six o'clock the house took recess.
After Recess
The house resumed at eight o'clock.

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