September 7, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Forsythe McCreary


Mr. W. P. McCREARY (Selkirk).

I think the leader of the opposition ought to give some consideration to members who have been here for the last six months, and have not been able to visit their homes during that time. It is all very well for members from Montreal and Toronto who are able to run home on Friday night and return on Monday or Tuesday morning; but we from the west, especially from west of Lake Superior, and from some parts of the lower provinces, I presume, are in a different position, and we feel this matter very seriously. In Winnipeg to-day, as I see by the papers, tbere is a great rush of business going on, a very great number of immigrants are coming to that city, and I feel it is a serious hardship to be a member of parliament, and it becomes more so when we realize that, to a certain extent, the time here is wasted. I submit that I am just as good a friend to the workingmen as the hon. member for Jacques Cartier; I have taken part in their demonstrations in years gone by, and I believe they are deserving of some consideration. But I do not think they would ask that the western members be kept here without doing any work. We adjourned last Wednesday evening at six o'clock, now we are going to lose another half day. The officials of the House and the messengers might be allowed off, and we could go on with the routine business of the House. This is getting to be a serious matter, and in the near future it will be difficult to get business men from the far west to consent to come to parliament, if the business of parliament is to go on in this way.

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