September 7, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Blr. F. D. BIONIC@Jacques Cartier

Mr. Speaker, before the Orders of the Day are called, I would like to suggest to my right hon. friend the Prime Minister the propriety of an adjournment of the House at one o'clock,, in order to enable members to take part in the celebration of Labour Day. It is the only day in the year when most of us can meet the representatives of labour, and labour questions have taken up a great deal of our time during the present session, and are likely to still further engage our attention. I think It would afford us an opportunity of seeing the representatives of labour and becoming familiar with their views on these important questions.
The PRIB1E MINISTER (Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier). We were not prepared for this suggestion. We thought the best way we could celebrate Labour Day would be by working and thinking of prorogation, which is not within sight yet. I will, however, consider the suggestion of my hon. friend, and give him an answer at one o'clock.

Topic:   LABOUR DAY.
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