June 26, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Wesley Ashton Gordon (Minister of Immigration and Colonization; Minister of Mines)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I have not the papers
before me to go fully into the history of

Privilege-Mr. Bell (Hamilton)
the association, but it was started about eight years ago with a view to bringing boys from Great Britain to Canada. At first their funds came mainly from British sources and were supplemented by some voluntary subscriptions by people in Canada. Later the railway companies, the British Empire Settlement board and the Canadian government contributed to the expenses of bringing the boys here and for their after care on arrival. The association operated under a dominion charter. About a year ago it fell on rather difficult times, in fact I am instructed that from its inception there was apparently a lack of business capacity on the part of the board of directors. At any rate, the money subscribed from the sources I have indicated was exhausted earlier than it should have been, with the result that late last year the company found itself in financial difficulties, and under obligation to a number of boys whom they were to look after for a certain time after their arrival in Canada. Confronted with that position last October and November, in conjunction with the heads of the department who look after colonization, I had an interview with the railway companies-they had contributed considerably more than we had to the association's funds- and we came to the conclusion that we would have practically to take over the work. We accepted the resignation of the directors, and in order to save the expense of setting up a new organization, the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Canadian National Railways supplied a certain number of the staff from their own colonization departments, and my department supplied a man who is very well qualified to carry on work of this character. That is the method we are now employing in carrying on the institution.

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