June 26, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


James Shaver Woodsworth



I desire to enter
a protest against the attitude of some of the hon. members towards orientals. I do not want unrestricted immigration by any means. I do not think however that we help our international problems by maintaining an at-

titude such as that which has been evidenced to-night by some hon. members from British Columbia. We must remember that the oriental nations are great nations on the other side of the Pacific ocean with which we hope to develop trade relations. If we are too harsh in such matters there is a possibility of provoking a feeling of resentment on their part. I hope we will not deal too vigilantly with the people who happen to live in the oriental countries.
I wish particularly to refer to the nonencouragement of immigrants from Great Britain. The minister has made no statement concerning juvenile immigrants. I wish to invite his attention to a question passed as an order for return which appeared on the order paper under my name, and which has not yet been answered. On page 2966 of Hansard of June 24, I find the question:
Is the British Immigration and Colonization Association now operating under the administration of the Department of Immigration?
And the further question:
Is the policy to bring more British boys to Canada?

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