June 4, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Édouard Lacroix


Mr. LACROIX (Translation):

I beg your
pardon, this comes under the dominion government.
Would it not also be in order to consider a measure which would oblige our banks to pay more attention to the needs of the most necessary class in this country, the farmers? I would like to see all our banks establish a

The Budget-Mr. Morand
special department which would extend loans to farmers that are solvent, long term loans if necessary.
I state also that the present prevailing system, so far as capitalists are concerned, should be checked by those who are in charge of it or they will have to bear the consequences of being brought to order by the people. However, I prefer the system of private enterprise to that of large mergers. Would it not be preferable for our capitalists to adopt themselves to the evolution taking place instead of running the risk of a revolution which hovers over our heads at present? I want to tell these captains of finance that the time has arrived for them to discontinue their speculative tendencies and help the regular trade, and thus work for the welfare of the nation. There is no need for them to think of dividends for a year ahead. They must think of giving work to those who are in need of it. Of what utility are these steam-shovels and all modern machinery, when the labourer cannot find work, and being out of work, cannot provide for his family?

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