May 29, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Weir (Minister of Agriculture)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. WEIR (Melfort):

I stand corrected. The mistake is due to the manner in which the figures appear with relation to the lines on this paper, but the figures were so evidently opposite 1924 that I gave them as of that year. In the figures I gave, for 1924 it should read 1925; for 1925 it should read 1926 and so on.
The information received by the former Minister of Agriculture from the dairy branch is as follows:
Pounds of milk
Year produced in Canada
1921 9,863,324,358
1922 9,847,932,218
1923 11,765,564,229
1924 12,045,078,272
1925 12,539,076,384
1926 13,434,655,909
1927 14,112,064,240
1928 14,512,897,961
1929 14,349,023,000
There was another piece of information that I was asked to obtain, and that was the year in which butter had reached a price as low as it is at the present time. There are no
records in the department as to that, but we were able to get the information from publications that we believe to be reliable. In 1906 the price of butter was 18-25, and in 1904, 14-75.

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