May 29, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ian Alistair Mackenzie


Mr. MACKENZIE (Vancouver):

I have
just one observation to make. I recall very definitely and distinctly that the right hon. Prime Minister and hon. gentlemen opposite during the recent campaign guaranteed the people of Canada that the imposition of tariffs would protect the consumer as well as the producer. I also recall, sir, that during the special session, when the special legislation was brought down in this parliament, that pledge was repeated by the right hon. Prime Minister and by the members of his administration. Last night we had produced in the committee a most singular document, a very much lauded letter from the president of the National Dairy Council of Canada, the production of which seemed to move my hon. friend the Minister of Trade and Commerce to a state of frothy indignation. I desire again to place on Hansard one paragraph from that letter, which appeals at page 2089 of Hansard:
All of this production received the full benefit of the artificial price level which thus resulted in an extra return to the producers of about $7,000,000. This, of course, came from the consumer's pocket direct, and the consumer in addition paid the extra ten cents on the relatively small amount of Australian butter which entered the country during the period in question.
I wish to repeat that I am in favour of every possible assistance that can be rendered to the dairy industry throughout the Dominion of Canada, but I say that when you try to assist the producing dairy industry at the expense of the consuming Canadian public, it is a false assistance and a breach of the pledges made by hon. gentlemen opposite during the special session of parliament.

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