May 29, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



Let me go further. On
referring to the Parliamentary Guide of this year, I find at page 494 that the Hon. George Stewart Henry, the present premier of Ontario, is president of the Farmers' Dairy Company, Limited, of Toronto. Toronto is not like Fredericton or Riviere du Loup, it is a bigger city, and although there are beautiful parks they have no pastures. It reminds me of something that will please my hon. friend from Marquette (Mr. Mullins); a great painter frequently expressed the opinion that no landscape could be perfect without cows appearing in it. Unfortunately in the numerous beautiful parks of the city of Toronto there are no cowrs, there are only policemen-and I don't know how the people could get milk from the batons of those guardians of the peace. But certain gentlemen in Toronto control a very large quantity of the butter that comes from the country. Dairy companies such as the Farmers' Dairy

Company, Limited, of Toronto, buy milk from the farmers at a poor price and when through the tariff they get any pecuniary advantage they keep the money in their pockets; the farmers see nothing of it. I think this is a shame, because the tariff was made, not to help the rich people who control the sale of milk, butter, cheese and other dairy products, but to help the farmers themselves. I remember distinctly at the special session last September the Prime Minister said that the tariff amendments he was then putting through were intended to help the producer. Well, the farmer is the producer. The man who lives in a big mansion in Toronto is not a producer; it is the poor man who lives in the country and milks his cows-he furnishes the supply of milk out of which those city magnates get richer and richer and benefit by the tariff and the producer gets no advantage from it.

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