May 28, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Livingstone Brown

Liberal Progressive


Mr. Chairman, I desire to
correct a statement which I made this afternoon in regard to the cheese importations. Sometimes in examining figures of this kind one looks at them a little hastily-I think the Minister of Justice will remember a similar experience. The figures given by me were not correct, while those given by the Minister of Agriculture a little later were.
I desire also to refer to a remark made by the hon. member for South Hastings to the effect that when we are on an export basis for butter it means switching to cheese. I would remind the hon. gentleman that there are a lot of fish up that stream. An attempt to increase artificially the price of butter so as to bring it to an export basis means that we are brought to a position where we are dependent upon the export market and we then have to compete with New Zealand.

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