May 14, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)




1. Was Rodolphe Dupuis appointed to the position of pensions advocate at Ottawa?
2. If so, when was he appointed?
3. By whom was he recommended?
4. Amongst recommendations, were there any front ex-service men's associations?
5. What was Mr. Dupuis' military service in Canada, England and France?
6. For how long did he serve in each case, and in what capacity?
7. Does Mr. Dupuis' name appear in the Canadian army list?
8. Were there any other applicants for the position?
9. If so, were any of these applicants exservice men with overseas military records?
Mr. MaoLAREN: '
1. Yes.
2. 1st March, 1031.
3. The Canadian Legion, the Hon. Arthur Sauve, ME, and Mr. Louis Cote, K.C.
4. Answered by No. 3.
5 and 6. Service in Canada only.
Non-permanent active militia service. Appointed Lieutenant, 70th Regiment, 9-5-15.
Reappointed reconstituted Regiment de Hull and finally retired 11-10-22.
Canadian expeditionary force service. Appointed 230th Battalion, C.E.F., 10-4-16.
Appointed technical lieutenant 7-5-17.
Unable to accept this appointment and struck off strength, having resigned, 8-5-17.
Attached 2nd Depot Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regiment, 17-5-18.
Unable to accept appointment, due to administration of Military Service Act. (Appointment cancelled).
7. No.
8. Yes.
9. Yes.

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