March 23, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Peter Heenan


Hon. PETER HEENAN (Kenora-Rainy River):

I have two other questions to ask
which I will endeavour to combine. One is based on a newspaper clipping contained in 22110-131
the Hamilton Herald of March 21, in connection with a meeting of the unemployed in the city of Guelph. The sentence I wish to refer to reads:
In the meantime, nothing can be done to relieve the unemployment in Guelph, as the council has no money to spend on the matter and no work to be done for some time.
There is also an article in the Fort Frances Times stating that the provincial government has stopped highway work between Kenora and Fort Frances owing to the fact that the appropriation has been spent. The work stopped in the middle of March and it is not anticipated that it will start again until some time in May. I should like to know what the government intends to do towards relieving the unemployed in those parts of the country?

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