March 17, 1931 (17th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Follin Horace Pickel

Conservative (1867-1942)


I have. Previously the
westerners got good prices; they were doing well; but we in the eastern townships have been suffering for seven years, and we are pretty hard hit. The wheat situation is very serious. The people in the east are sympathetic and they are quite willing to do anything that can be done to remedy conditions in the west. I cannot say what should be done, but I am ready to support any measures for the purpose of alleviating the conditions of the western farmer.
When we speak of agriculture in this house, the eastern dairy farmer never enters the mind of hon. members. It is the grain growers of the west who are meant, and this has been so for a long time. About the only information the majority of the members have of the condition of the eastern farmer is what is obtained from the milkman who, from the excessive price he is charging for his milk, spreads the propaganda that the farmer is robbing him. He does not at the same time tell the consumer that while the farmer is getting one dollar, the milkman is getting three dollars. I ask hon. members to consider seriously the position of the eastern dairy farmer. During the last six years, since 1925, the experimental and demonstration farms of this country have shown us that it costs forty cents to produce a pound of butter with bran at S30 a ton and middlings at $38 a ton; but with bran at S40 a ton and middlings at $50 a ton, which we had to pay for four or five of those years, the cost of production was over fifty cents a pound, and the farmers in the dairy section, by remaining in the business, lost ten cents on every pound of butter they produced. Our farmers would have been better off if they had closed up their farms in 1925 and waited-

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