May 30, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


The hon. gentleman has not quite understood. Questions of taxation must be approved by the minister. Questions involving taxation must be considered by the minister, because it is the executive action of the government; it is something for which the government must assume responsibility. Surely the minister will admit that. Questions of routine we did report should not be dealt with in that day; we recommended that the minister should not be concerned with questions of routine and seizures and so on. That we put as strongly and fairly as we could, and it is because I believe that the whole theory of responsible government is concerned that I put it to the minister myself. That is, the executive substitute, its functions for those of parliament, but when it does so the minister must assume the responsibility.
So much for that. I should have liked to get some assurance from the minister as to what his contemplated action may be, but he has told us that he has not given the matter any consideration and therefore has no contemplated action in mind.
There is one further matter with which I should like to deal, although the Minister of Labour is not in his place. I asked him what steps were being taken in connection with the introduction into this country of a monopoly in films, and he said the matter was under consideration and that we would get some further information on that point. It is possible that some other member of the administration may be able to answer the question and I should like to know whether that investigation is being proceeded with. I hold in my hand a few of the telegrams which I have received from various organizations, women's organizations being particularly concerned about the films and asking whether we are to be at the mercy of an alleged monopoly. If so, then of course we should know it, and I have asked the question for the purpose of eliciting information with which the people of Canada are vitally concerned.

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