May 30, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Daum Euler (Minister of National Revenue)



It is the legal way. My hon. friend knows this, that if goods are coming into this country at a less value than they legally ought to for the purposes of duty, it immediately becomes the duty of the minister, if you like-and I will take responsibility for that-to give instructions that new appraisals be made. That is exactly what was done. My hon. friend may think that on a new appraisal an added appraisal of 40 per cent is too high. That is a matter of opinion. If it is shown to be too high, those who have had to pay those duties will get their refunds, and that is all there is to it.
I should like to add just one further word in regard to the responsibility of the minister. My hon. friend says the minister does not know his business. Perhaps he does not know it quite so well as the hon. leader of the opposition, but he is doing his best. I may say this to him, and he knows it is true because he has had a little experience himself as a minister: no minister in this or any other government could function if he tried to attend to all the little details in his department. I will give him an example. The hon. gentleman was a member of the committee which investigated the customs department four years ago. He was one of those who said-I think I am doing him no injustice when I say this, and he will correct me if I am wrong- that whereas the minister is supposed to pass on all seizures, some five hundred or six hundred of which occur every month, the minister should not do that but should leave it to his deputy.

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