May 30, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Charles A. Stewart (Minister of Immigration and Colonization; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs; Minister of Mines; Minister of the Interior)


Mr. STEWART (Edmonton):

I want to make a statement to the house on that. First let me say that we intend to continue to assist the movement of coal from the east and from the west for one year more. In addition it is our intention to apply the subvention of $1 a ton to bituminous coal only from the mountain region-that would take in Fernie -as well as the Alberta region. In addition there will be a subvention of 50 cents a ton on briquettes from the Bienfait district of Saskatchewan, which now find a market in the city of Winnipeg. Without going into details I may say that this is being done for the purpose of relieving the very serious situation that exists in the coal mining regions in the mountains. The lignite fields have a subvention still in effect to bring their coal eastward and they do send into the city of Winnipeg about 400,000 tons. We feel that the extension of this subvention to bituminous and semi-bituminous coal will be a very considerable help, as will also the subvention extended to briquettes made in the Bienfait area.

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