May 30, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Murray MacLaren

Conservative (1867-1942)


Last year the Secretary of State, on request, said that he would have published the London resolutions along with the British North America Act. This promise he carried out, and in doing so he has rendered an important service. This has been the first time that the London resolutions have been printed under official circumstances. Having made that acknowledgment, I wish to point out to the minister that his department, in publishing this document, has not given evidence of the comprehension or care that it deserves. The minister will not overlook the fact that last year he promised that copies of the British North America Act and the London resolutions would be distributed to each member of the house. On several occasions I have asked at the parliamentary library for a copy of this document which I hold in my hand, that is to say, the one containing the British North America Act and the London resolutions, but I have not succeeded in obtaining it there. I have no doubt the minister will carry out his promise of distributing it to the members, and that the parliamentary library will have it. The publication itself is defective and has not been carefully prepared. If the minister will see that the present document is scrapped and a proper publication substituted, copies can then be distributed to the members and placed in the library. Even the title of this document is incorrect-The British North America Act. There is more than one act. It should, have read: "The British North America Acts", and so on.

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