May 30, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Milton Neil Campbell



As regards the question raised by the hon. member for Camrose, that is a case in which the government can say it has no legal liability. Certainly that is so, but on the other hand, the government is under a distinct moral obligation. The minister pointed out that the board has no authority to pay out money for any such purpose, and he seemed to dismiss the matter with that statement. May I remind the minister that whenever the government want to grant gratuities to particular persons, especially pensions of some kind to deal with compassionate cases, provision for such cases is made every year in the estimates. There are in the estimates at the present time items that are not covered by any legislation; that are purely compassionate cases. We are granting pensions to widows on compassionate grounds. This is in the instance under consideration a distinct claim on compassionate grounds, and there is nothing in the world to prevent the government from bringing down a small sum in the estimates to cover the $480 which is morally due to this man.

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