May 30, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Thomas Lucas

United Farmers of Alberta


Mr Chairman, I would like
to call the attention of the minister to a longstanding grievance in my constituency with reference to a returned soldier who has an account for a barn built upon one of the soldier settlement farms. In 1919 a soldier settler by the name of Ogilvy purchased a
farm from the board, and undertook to build a barn the material for which cost over $1,600. He then engaged a carpenter, also a returned soldier, to erect *the barn. This man undertook the work, built the barn and overhauled the house, at a total labour cost of $480. Shortly after this time Ogilvy found himself unable to carry on and he abandoned the farm, and because this was crown property the carpenter was unable to file a lien and thus protect his interests. I have brought this matter to the attention of the government practically every year since I have been in the house, and I trust that this year the minister will be able to find some method of settling this account.

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