May 29, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


That would be somewhat doubtful.
Mr. KING Kootenay): Under the treaty
of last year it required unanimous approval of two commissioners from each party to concur in fishing regulations. That provision has

been extended so that it affects the regulations that may be brought into effect on the upper reaches of the Fraser river. I think those are the important changes in the bill,
I promise my hon. friends I shall not develop the argument I started out to do. I wish merely to say that the treaty is of great importance not only to the people of British Columbia, to those engaged in the industry there, but to the people of Canada on account of the fact that its restoration means an annual wealth of some $30,000,000 to the people of that province and the people of the Dominion as a whole. It is so important that from time to time various governments of 'Canada have undertaken to negotiate such a treaty and this is considered to be the best treaty that as yet has been negotiated or considered by the two governments. The other treaties were never brought into being, the Senate of the United States failing to agree to them and pass them; but it is understood that this treaty will become law, and if so, no doubt much good will come from it.
The hon. member for New Westminster spoke of the hardship that might be placed upon those who are engaged in the fishing industry on the Fraser river through the operations of the treaty. That has been well considered by the fishermen themselves and they realize, as they have realized in the state of Washington, that if they continue their occupation as fishermen each year as they have been doing in the past, it will not be long before that industry will disappear entirely. So it has been considered by them- and I believe they are in agreement on this point-that in the interest of the fishing industry and in their own interest some scheme or plan of this kind should be devised in order to restore the fishery. I have very much pleasure in thoroughly endorsing the treaty, and I believe it will be approved generally throughout Canada.

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